A Lucid Dream Chinese drama
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Title: A Lucid Dream

Chinese Title: 不知剧情也无妨 / Bu Zhi Ju Qing Ye Wu Fang

Also known As: It Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Know The Plot

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 28 January 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zuo Yi Fei

Screenwriter: Bai Ming Jian, Wang Yu Chan, Liu Xun

Episodes: 18

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A Lucid Dream Synopsis

The play mainly tells the story of the battle of wits and courage between psychiatrist Song Jingcheng and “fantasy” patient Zhang Yimeng during the treatment process. In these constantly reversing scenes within the play, are they trying to undermine each other, or are they destined to meet each other? When the story comes to an end, they will know the final answer.

A Lucid Dream Cast

Main Roles

Wang Ya Jia as Zhang Yimeng / Yuan Zhi (voiced by Jiang Cong)
Cheng Yu Feng as Song Jingcheng (voiced by Shun Zi)

Supporting Roles

Yu Kai Ning as Bai Xiang
Cheng Qi Meng as Li Muyu / Third Prince
Lou Xin Yue as Ling Lan / Du Wuyin
Wang Yu as Zhang Xiao (voiced by Li Long Bin)
Shi Da Mao as Li Yan (voiced by Luan Li Sheng)
Shen Lin as Han Yisheng (voiced by Su Ran
Jia Ya Rong as Rong Wei

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