My Special Girl

My Special Girl Chinese drama
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Title: My Special Girl

Chinese Title: 独一有二的她 / Du Yi You Er De Ta

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 01 February 2024

Genre: Romance

Director: Song Yang

Screenwriter: Fei Hui Jun

Producer: Shao Wen Yi

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 24

My Special Girl Synopsis

The story is about AI engineer Gu Jiu Li, who founded Jiuqian Technology Company, that dedicated to the development of companion robots. Hao Jing, a senior in a preschool education major, likes to sing, but because of her mother’s objection, she can only secretly become a live broadcast singer blogger at night. After Hao Jing graduates, to avoid being discovered by her mother as the anchor, she comes to Gu Jiu Li’s company for an internship. When the two meet, Hao Jing falls in love with Gu Jiu Li at first sight. Gu Jiu Li, who suffered ‘facial blindness’ didn’t realize that the girl he was secretly interested in was Hao Jing. At the same time, the existence of Hao Jing in Gu Jiu Li’s life warmed his loneliness due to his childhood experience.

My Special Girl Cast

Zhang Yun Long as Gu Jiuli
Song Yi Ren as Hao Jing
Mao Lin Lin as Chen Yibai
Zhou Yan Chen as Han Yijie
Li Jia Jie as Yang Panpan
Zhou Da Wei as Zhu Yi
Jing Yan Jun as Xiao C
Lin Jun Yi as Shi Fei
Liu Yi Ran as Hao Hao

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