The Leftover Warrior Princess

The Leftover Warrior Princess Chinese drama
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Title: The Leftover Warrior Princess

Chinese Title: 拂玉鞍 / Fu Yu An

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Comedy

Director: Xi Dao

Screenwriter: Yin Hang

Production Company: Enlight Media

Episodes: 24

The Leftover Warrior Princess Synopsis

Liu Chang Sheng is a beautiful princess from Fuyu. She is optimistic, cheerful, quick-witted, and has a sharp tongue. Since childhood, she has read poetry and books, understands righteousness, and aspires to become a woman who does not lose to men. However, she causes strange bad luck to men who come near her. They would either drown or get their leg broken. This makes it difficult for her to get married as most men reject her.

The Leftover Warrior Princess Cast

Qi Yu Chen as Liu Chang Sheng
Wu Jun Ting as Li Jing
Gao Hui Lin as Li Guan
Wang Chuan as Xiao Zi Lu
Liu Ze Ting
Liu Jin as King of Changle
Dai Yi as Father Xiao
Han Xiao Yao
Ma Jia Ying as Xiao Jin
Li Jing Yi as Qi Yuchen / Wu Junting

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