Notes Of DNA Appraiser

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Chinese drama
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Title: Notes Of DNA Appraiser

Chinese Title: 鉴定 / Jian Ding’

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Mystery

Director: Guo Shi Min

Screenwriter: Li Yi Chuan, Li Hao

Producer: Wang Yong Hui

Executive Producer: Guo Jing Yu

Presenter: Xie Ying, Yue Li Na

Production Company: Youku, G.H.Y Culture & Media

Episodes: 24

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Synopsis

Tells the story of Xu Ziqi, a new DNA paternity tester, under the guidance of Mo Li, director of the Xinnuo Paternity Testing Center, and joins hands with the passionate young man Zhu Xinchen to fearlessly face the challenges that are coming one after another. Identification events, stories that suddenly reveal all kinds of life truths.

Notes Of DNA Appraiser Cast

Zhang Hui Wen as Xu Ziqi
He Peng as Zhu Xinchen
Yue Li Na as Mo Li
Cao Yan Yan as Lei Yiyao
Ma Yue as Liang Yiwen
Xi Wang as Zhou Jiali
Ma Liang as Xu Xiangyang
Wang Yuan Ke as Wu Qiuying
Chen Chuang as Xu Zhendong
Wang Yi Chan as Hao Ruxue
Huang Yi as Xiao Shan
Xu Ge as Zheng Qin
Zheng Qi as Zhou Qiao
Lu Jia Ni as Jia Jia’s mother
Liu Qin Shan as Lan Wei

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