Circle Of Love

Circle Of Love
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Title: Circle Of Love

Chinese Title: 锁爱三生 / Suo Ai San Sheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 26 May 2023

Genre: Republican, Romance

Director: He Jia Nan

Episodes: 24

Circle Of Love Synopsis

In the days of the Republic of China, a ruthless warlord, Xiao Hong Ye, must bear the heavy weight of family feuds, the chaos of war, and the desires of his own heart as he entangles himself in a love-hate relationship with the lovely Gu Meng.

Circle Of Love Cast

Li Jiu Lin as Xiao Hongye (voiced by Ling Fei)
Guan Chang as Gu Meng (voiced by Duan Yi Xuan)
Yuan Zi Ming as Zhou Zichen (voiced by Xiao Jing)
Wu Luo Han as Zhou Jiaojiao (voiced by Sun Lu Lu)

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