Simple Days

Xiao Ri Zi Chinese drama
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Title: Simple Days

Chinese Title: 小日子 / Xiao Ri Zi

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 14 March 2024

Genre: Family, Life

Director: An Jian

Screenwriter: Mei Ying Ju

Producer: Li Ying Chao

Production Company: Haohan Culture

Episodes: 26

Simple Days Synopsis


Gu Moli and Zhu Jincao struggled from their hometown to take root in Shanghai and start a family. However, marriage brought another problem that shouldn’t have been a problem – how to get along with their parents. From the disappearance of personal space to the purchase of a house, from disagreements with each other’s parents to disagreements between the two of them, their small lives were full of crises.

After going through the divorce cooling-off period, the two decided to divorce and reorganize their family relationships. With the arrival of the divorce certificate, the challenges for the young couple and their families have just begun. Growth is always accompanied by setbacks. After the divorce, the two encountered a crisis of trust, a financial crisis, and a crisis in another place, which also made them understand their family responsibilities better. As the problem was resolved, both parents also understood that they had to learn to let their children grow up. In the end, Jasmine and Jincao reconciled and remarried, which strengthened their confidence in going forward together.

Simple Days Cast


Chen Xiao as Zhu Jincao
Tong Yao as Gu Moli
Sa Ri Na as Zhang Shanya
Ying Er as Shen Liuliu
Qiao Zhen Yu as Wang Lingxiao
Yu Hao Ming as Jiang Haitao
Du Hai Tao as Huang Qianniu
Yue Hong as Wu Yulan
Wang Yuan Ke as Gao Xiaqing
Zhao Jun as Zhu Dali


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