Wo Shi Xing Jing

Wo Shi Xing Jing Chinese drama
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Title: Wo Shi Xing Jing

Chinese Title: 我是刑警 / Wo Shi Xing Jing

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Police, Drama

Director: Hui Kai Dong

Screenwriter: Xu Meng

Production Company: iQiyi, Croton Media, Houhai Culture, The Ministry of Public Security Shield Entertainment Center

Episodes: 40

Wo Shi Xing Jing Synopsis


Qin Chuan, who graduated from the police academy, and his friends Ye Maosheng and Li Wen returned to their hometown with “heroic dreams and criminal police dreams” and became ordinary police station policemen.

The huge gap between reality and ideals did not stop him from pursuing his dreams. By chance, Qin Chuan subdued the gangster who was about to cause an explosion with his bare hands, and thus began his career as a criminal police officer. Under the leadership of his superiors, he gradually matured and solved several major cases that shocked the country.

His friend Ye Maosheng died heroically while arresting gangsters, which made Qin Chuan more deeply aware of the responsibilities of criminal police. Under the training, education and encouragement of senior criminal investigators, Qinchuan stood at a higher perspective and actively participated in the practice of police reform and criminal investigation team building.

He led the team to successfully solve many long-standing serious cases and established a criminal investigation team. System and three-in-one information platform, he created a modern and professional criminal investigation team, and finally realized his dream of becoming an excellent Chinese criminal police officer.

Wo Shi Xing Jing Cast


Yu He Wei as Qin Chuan
Ding Yong Dai as Wu Yingde
Bai Fan as Cao Zhongyuan


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