Why is He Still Single?

Why is He Still Single? Chinese drama
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Title: Why is He Still Single?

Chinese Title: 他为什么依然单身 / Ta Wei Shen Me Yi Ran Dan Sheng

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Xi Guo Wei

Screenwriter: Bu Xiao Feng, Gui Dong Ming

Episodes: 16

Why is He Still Single? Synopsis


A story about a person who looks like a weirdo but is actually kind-hearted and is finally tolerated by the world. By creating a man with extreme eccentricities, not only triggers complaints and jokes but also brings thoughts about people and the world. A man who loves life is confused at a young age, but he declares that he will not marry. Is he a god among the stars, or a straight man that women can’t avoid? Is it “I don’t want to get married” or “I can’t get married”? When a single, eccentric uncle finally meets the goddess in his heart, how will he deal with it and finally win her back? There is no definite taste in food, but those who taste it are treasures! There is no unmarried man, he just hasn’t found the right person.

Why is He Still Single? Cast


Wallace Huo as Yu Yu
Zhu Zhu as Gu Yejia
Fei Qi Ming as Shen Wu
Li Kai Xin as Xia Xiaoman
Zhang Yao as Lin Sa
Fan Jing Yi as Wang Xiaoxiao
Liu Jia as Su Xiu’er
Zhang Xiao Chen as Ouyang Ping Fan
Yin Zhu Sheng as Father Gu
Dong Si Yi as Qing Qing
Li Yi Xiang as Lao Sun
An Tian as Fei Wenli
Liu Xiao Hai as Li Huaiqing
Chen Kui Xi‎ as Zhong Liangchuan
Wang Zi Tong as Yu Jie
Zhao Si Qi as Xiao Song
Ji Mei Han as Ping Yang
Qu He as A Juan
Yang Zi Yan as Female landlord
Zhou Ma Jie as Chen Pengyu
Ruo Hui as Niece
Zhong Qi as Wu Yutian


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