The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Chinese drama
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Title: The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton

Chinese Title: 广州十三行 / Guang Zhou Shi San Xing

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical

Director: Cao Dun

Company: iQiyi, Yu Zi Jiang

Production Company: iQiyi, Yu Zi Jiang

Episodes: 28

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Synopsis


The play tells the various experiences of a group of Cantonese businessmen in the Qing Dynasty during the changing historical tide. During the Qing Dynasty, the Thirteenth Bank of Guangzhou was the only window for trade and cultural exchanges between China and the world, spreading Eastern civilization to all parts of the world.

Cantonese businessmen conducted friendly trade with foreign businessmen and gained a place in world trade. Even in the era of internal and external troubles, we still stick to ourselves. In the collision of Chinese and Western cultures, we present the shape and soul of the national spirit. In the current wave of “culture going overseas”, we promote our country’s cultural confidence.

The Thirteen-Hongs in Canton Cast


Zhu Ya Wen as Lin Bingyuan
Yu Hao Ming as Zheng Shicheng
Janice Man as Lu Changyun
Zhang Tian Ai as Lu Yiqing
Xu Lu as Yun Niang
Yu Ai Lei as Ji Shan
Lu Fang Sheng as Lu Yiqing
Yin Zhu Sheng as Deng Laoxuan
Sheng Gang Shuai as Guang Gui
Wu Hai Bo as Boss Wu
Guo Jia Qi as Zheng Shutong


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