The Comic Bang

The Comic Bang Chinese drama
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Title: The Comic Bang

Chinese Title: 开画!少女漫 / Kai Hua! Shao Nv Man

Also known As: 月刊少女 / Yue Kan Shao Nv

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Youth, Romance

Director: Zhong Qing

Screenwriter: Yu Jin, Huo Bei Bei, He Si Yu, Hang Bing Li, Li Ya

Producer: Niu Ji Xin, Wang Ye Xun, Wang Jing, Yao Yuan Hong

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 36

The Comic Bang Synopsis


Lu Yeqi, an intelligent second-year student of the Mathematics major, has always been known for been low profile and mysterious. Unbeknownst to others, he has a hidden occupation – as a professional shoju comic artist. However as a science student, he lacks certain knowledge about shoju comics. Lu Yeqi originally wanted to write hot-blooded youth comics, but somehow strayed on his path.

However as he is passionate about comics, he decided to persist on chasing his dreams. Zuo Qiandai, who has a crush on Lu Yeqi, decides to confess to him one day; but her intentions were misunderstood and she was eventually recruited into his drawing team. Since Lu Yeqi met Qiandai, he gained new inspiration for creation, and as the two spend time together, they also ignited a new passion for drawing. As their Comics team continues to grow and stabilize, new opportunities and challenges also follow. Faced with the unknown difficulties, the team members experienced confusion, suspicion and arguments. However, they eventually come out stronger and more bonded than ever as a team. With mutual trust and support, stories of youth, friendship and dreams continue to blossom within the small studio.

The Comic Bang Cast


Shen Yue as Zuo Qiandai
Wang Jing Xuan as Lu Yeqi
Zhao Yi Qin as Ku Zhengxing
Zeng Ke Ni as Jie Yue
Wu Yu Heng as Ruo Song
Zhou Yan Chen as Yu Zichai
Wang Ruo Shan as Lu Dao
Xu Xin Chi as Ye Zhen
Kenji Chen as Qian Ye
Hao Shao Wen as Gong Jian
Xu Wan Ting as You Li


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