My Doctor Chinese drama
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Title: My Doctor

Chinese Title: 我家的医生 / Wo Jia De Yi Sheng

Broadcast Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Medical, Life, Drama

Director: Jiang Wei

Screenwriter: Chen Li Wen, Jiang Yue Hua

Production Company: Mango TV

Episodes: 14

My Doctor Synopsis


When 22-year-old Guan Xu first arrived in Xingcheng, a hearty meal convinced him to go straight to the community hospital. He never thought that the general practitioner treating him was actually his brother Zhao Dongcheng. A pair of strange brothers met again, and the story of Qingshanluishui Community Hospital began.

Zhao Dongcheng tried hard to get close to Guan Xu, trying to awaken his childhood affection, but he repeatedly ran into obstacles. In this awkward relationship, Guan Xu was also forced to adapt to work, eat and supper, and accompany each other with his brother Zhao Dongcheng, Yu Shi, the director of the public health department, Shen Xinxin, the treasure of the rehabilitation department, and Zhang Jun, the resident doctor. days. Guan Xu witnessed the subtle yet great “miracles” they created here. Unknowingly, an emotion called worship arose in the young man’s heart. At the same time, the love belonging to the two brothers also quietly came at this time.

Guan Xu and the doctors at Qingshanlushui held on to the joys and sorrows here, and also experienced the sourness brought by love. All of this changed his views on life and family relationships, and he also completed his transformation from being deceived by love. To grow up surrounded by love.

My Doctor Cast


Zhou You as Zhao Dongcheng
Huang Yao as Yu Shi
Liu Jia Yi as Guan Xu
Chen Hao Yu as Xu Jingxia
Jia Jing Hui as Zhang Jun
Liu Wei Long as Shen Xinxin
Li Zhi Mo as Zhang Yiyi
Kang Jia Ze as Liu Jin (young)


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