The Rise Of Ning

The Rise Of Ning Chinese drama
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Title: The Rise Of Ning

Chinese Title: 锦绣安宁 / Jin Xiu An Ning

Also known As: 长街长 / Chang Jie Chang / Long Life Long Street

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Mai Guan Zhi

Screenwriter: Mo Yan Shang, Qiu Ting, Zhu Qi

Art Director: Shao Chang Yong

Costume Designer: Huang Wei

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Croton Media, Oasis Studio

Episodes: 40

The Rise Of Ning Synopsis

Luo Yi Ning, a daughter of the Luo family who grew up in a separate mansion, was never bound by strict rules and customs. She couldn’t bear to see the bullying faced by “Third Brother” Luo Shen Yuan and extended her help multiple times. Gradually, she discovered that Luo Shen Yuan, despite appearing down and out, was talented in both literature and martial arts.

Having suffered from emotional pain, Luo Yi Ning no longer wanted to be confined to the mansion or controlled by others. She aspired to break free from old norms and use her own strengths to open a shop and become independent.

In the dire circumstances of the Luo family, Luo Shen Yuan had been seeking the truth behind his mentor’s false accusation. As their relationship deepened, love blossomed between them.

The Rise Of Ning Cast

Zhang Wan Yi as Luo Shenyuan
Ren Min as Luo Yining
Li Mei Yi Bing as Luo Yining (young)
Ci Sha as Lu Jiaxue
Wu Yu Heng as Lin Mao
Dong Si Yi as Luo Yixiu
Gao Qing Chen as Cheng Lang
Li Jia Xin as Zhao Mingzhu
Hu Jia Xin as Luo Yiyu
Chen Si Che as Luo Yilian
Zhang Yao as Lin Hairu
Lu Fang Sheng as Luo Chengzhang
Dai Jiao Qian as Qiao Xiaoniang
Zhao Zi Qi as Chen Lan
Zhu Dan as Princess
Zong Feng Yan as Luo Chengwen
Wang Jia Xuan as Han Zhao
Hao Yun as Ying Er
Pan Qi Yan as Shen Jiarou

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