Lovely Detective

Lovely Detective Chinese drama
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Title: Lovely Detective

Chinese Title: 甜心萌探 / Tian Xin Meng Tan

Also known As: 双生萌探 / Shuang Sheng Meng Tan

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 03 February 2024

Genre: Republican, Detective, Investigation, Fantasy

Director: Xi Dao

Production Company: Sheng Xi Hua Shi Culture Media

Episodes: 24

Lovely Detective Synopsis


Nan Yu was originally the protagonist of the Mary Sue game. When he woke up, he found that he was in the Republic of China and shared his body with Gao Han, the male protagonist of the detective game. One studies love all day long, and the other studies murder cases all day long. Two enemies are forced to work together to solve a strange case. The two compete with each other but must cooperate. Let’s see the resentful CP solve the murderous case of the Republic of China.

Lovely Detective Cast


Main Roles

Kong Xue Er as Nan Yu
Li Ge Yang as Gao Han
Zhang Hao Yu as Jiang Junsheng

Supporting Roles


Zhu Jin Tong as Gu Mengqiu
Wang Yu as Feng Qiuhong
Zhou Jun Feng as Lieutenant
Li Xiao Lei as Cao Liang
Wang Xiao Long as Wang Ming
Zhang Lin as Yan Haokun
Yan Xiao as Grand Marshal Yan
Bo Guang as Jiu Shan


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