Heroes Chinese Drama
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Title: Heroes

Chinese Title: 天行健 / Tian Xing Jian

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Republican, Drama

Director: Lou Jian, Wei Li Zhou

Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong

Producer: Li Er Yun, Bai Yi Cong

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Linghe Media

Episodes: 36

Heroes Synopsis


At the end of the late Qing Dynasty, society was in turmoil. In the deep palace, the secret treasure map of the Pure Altar in Wenyuan Pavilion was stolen. To compete for this treasure that can almost change the world, all parties are ready to move. Men Sandao, the imperial sword-wielding guard who once took over, was also dispatched by the Ministry of Internal Affairs to recover the treasure map and uncover the forces behind it.

At this time, a murder occurred in an inn in Dagu County, Tianjin. None of the nine people who had returned from Japan survived, and their deaths were tragic. County government agent Wang Dibao, who gave up his writing and joined the army because of the abolition of the imperial examination, rushed to the scene. With his rich knowledge, he judged on the spot that the case was a criminal from the Rongtianling clan in the Lengxi area through the injuries of the deceased and the method of committing the crime. To bring the murderer to justice, Wang Dibao pursued the murderer alone regardless of the opposition of the county government.


On the other side, Zhuo Bufan, the head of Rongtianling, has just received a report from his subordinates – nine people have been killed and the contact information has been obtained. It turns out that the location of the Jingtan is a secret that has been hidden from the court for many years. Recently, Prince Chaoqi received news that the secret to unlocking the treasure lies in the hands of Tan Xian. Prince Qi is determined to implement reforms, which requires a large amount of money; while Zhuo Bufan is a member of the Guangyao sect, inherits martial arts, and establishes a general altar in the Central Plains. He also needs gold and silver to lay the foundation and obtain the support of the court. Therefore, the two people with different goals hit it off. Decided to join forces to win the treasure!

Zhuo Bufan, who is eager to revive the sect, immediately rushes to Shanghai to find Tan Xian based on the intelligence; Men Sandao, who is loyal to the court, quickly solves the case through reasoning, targets Zhuo Bufan, and goes to Shanghai to recover the treasure map; Wang Dibao, who does his duty, To find the murderer, he also traveled thousands of miles to chase the murderer. The three of them each set foot on the ten-mile foreign market with simple but firm goals, but little did they know that from this moment on, they would be forced to be involved in a magnificent historical wave.

Heroes Cast


Main Roles

Qin Jun Jie as Men Sandao
Liu Yu Ning as Zhuo Bufan
Huang Meng Ying as Wu Lanshan

Supporting Roles


Pang Han Chen as Wang Dibao
Fu Jing as Huo Ling
Chen Tian Ming as Lin Haohan
Chen Si Che as Lin Anjing
Yu Wei Ni as Lin Anjing (young)
Huang Hao Yue as Liu Lin
Hu Yun Hao as Zhong Haichao


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