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Bai Lu

It has been nearly two days since the premier of Song of Youth starring Bai Lu, Wang Yi Zhe and Gina Jin on 26 July 2021 but netizens have started with their critics saying her lines were not good. Other netizens found that Bailu’s crying scene was too easy to cry. In previous dramas, most of her roles were naughty, cool, and sassy.

Bai Lu and Wang Yizhe have previously collaborated on many works such as “Army Military Academy”, “Phoenix Prisoner and Phoenix” and “Zhaoge”. In an interview with the media, Bai Lu said frankly that she and Wang Yizhe have always been good friends, but this is the first time acting as a couple, and both of them are quite uncomfortable. “When we first started filming, there were intimate scenes. We all felt (embarrassed) as if we were pulling out a castle in our palms, but it would be nice to enter the scene later.” Regarding the online controversy about her lines, she said: “Someone was online yesterday said that my lines are not very good, I watched another six episodes. I think there is still room for improvement in my lines, and I can improve to better. At the same time, I am also very happy to see my shortcomings, so that I can I know where to work hard.”

Bai Lu’s role as Lin Shao Chun has received lot of positive reviews regardless of what netizens said. Bai Lu even went to Weibo and expressed the way Lin Shao Chun stunned her fans.

Source: Weibo

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