General Well Chinese drama

Title: General Well

Chinese Title: 南城宴 / Nan Cheng Yan

Also known As: 将军妆安 / Jiang Jun Zhuang An

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Xu Chi, Zhu Yi Kun

Screenwriter: Chang Jia Jia, Yuan Ye, Shang Hai Long, Xue Hui

Production Company: Mango TV, Inone Culture

Episodes: 24

General Well Synopsis


A top-secret assassination mission intertwined the originally unrelated lives of the righteous heroine Ming Xiao and the sinister leader Yan Changyun. With one careless move, Ming Xiao failed the mission and turned into an amnesiac white rabbit, and was forced to be involved in his revenge.

With the plan, the two work together step by step in the undercurrent of the court and in the crisis-ridden world. The old injustice can be cleared up, and Zhongliang can finally clear his name. After everything was settled, the two of them did not miss power, fame, and fortune, and chose to become a couple of immortals and live in seclusion in the countryside to stay together for the rest of their lives.

General Well Cast


Wang You Shuo as Yan Changyun
Zhao Zhao Yi as Fu Xiao
Yu Wei Ni as Fu Xiao (young)
Xia Zi Xuan as A Cheng (young)


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