An Ancient Love Song Chinese drama
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Title: An Ancient Love Song

Chinese Title: 古相思曲 / Gu Xiang Si Qu

Broadcast Network: Bilibili

Broadcast Date: 22 June 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance, Time-travel

Director: Zhi Zhu

Screenwriter: He Li Yun Dian, Dai Chao Chao, San Qian Yu, Cui Xi Xi

Stylist: Tan Li Min

Production Company: Bilibili

Episodes: 14

An Ancient Love Song Synopsis


Popular historical fiction author Shen Buyan finds himself transported back in time, encountering the “demon empress” Lu Yuan and discovers that Lu Yuan is different from what has been recorded in history. As they embark on a journey to change the course of history, an unexpected twist in their timeline emerges. Together, they strive to change their destinies.

An Ancient Love Song Cast


Main Roles

Zhang Ya Qin as Lu Yuan (voiced by Duan Yi Xuan)
Guo Jia Nan as Shen Buyan (voiced by Yang Tian Xiang)

Supporting Roles


Zhu Lin Yu as Yi Hua (voiced by Gao Yi Xue)
Quan Yi Lun as Lu Shi (voiced by Ma Zheng Yang)
Zhuang Han as Li Yong (voiced by Sun Ming Qian)
Huang Jing Zhou as Emperor of Yuan Qi (voiced by Ren Jing Hao)
Chunyu Shan Shan as Zhao Qilong (voiced by Zhang Shu Bin)
Pang Yong as Fan Song (voiced by Tang Ming Dong)
Wang Yi Fan as Yang Chong (voiced by Liu Zheng)
Pu Yi Xing as Chu Tongchang (voiced by Shao Chen Liang)
Xu Wei Luo as teen Chu Tongchang (voiced by Zhou Tong)


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