From Past With Love

From Past With Love Chinese drama
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Title: From Past With Love

Chinese Title: 书中自有男友力 / Shu Zhong Zi You Nan You Li

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 29 August 2023

Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy

Director: Li Ao Yu, Zhang Jia Ming

Episodes: 20

From Past With Love Synopsis

It tells the story that on a thunderstorm night, the online writer Ren Yingying discovered that the male protagonist Shen Qianxun in her novel traveled to her own time and space, and picked up a poor little boy who was covered with bruises. The author had no choice but to pamper him in every possible way to compensate. A time-travel experience The sweet love of time and space begins.

From Past With Love Cast

Liu Xin Lei as Ren Yingying
Lin Hao Ran as Shen Qianxun
Xiong Yu Ting as Chu Yumo
Zhu Mei Qi as Chen Xiaozhao
Zhang Zhang as Bai Li Wu Ming
Zhang Ke Wei as Cheng Quan

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