Inverse Identity

Inverse Identity Chinese drama
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Title: Inverse Identity

Chinese Title: 禁止驯服:少爷和保镖的颠倒人生 / Jin Zhi Xun Fu: Shao Ye He Bao Biao De Dian Dao Ren Sheng

Also known As: Upside Down

Broadcast Network: Peach App

Broadcast Date: 03 May 2024

Genre: BL, Romance

Episodes: 9

Inverse Identity Synopsis

Yan Lu was being hunted, and in order to save himself, he accidentally kidnapped Jian An, the young master adopted by the Jian family. After he failed to escape, Jian An took revenge on him and was kidnapped in front of Jian An the next day.

Jian An was very interested in Yan Lu and asked Yan Lu to be his bodyguard, and Yan Lu was forced to agree. Jian An uses various methods to “torture” Yan Lu every day. One day, the two of them were fighting and their clothes got wet. When Yan Lu changed his clothes, the birthmark on his lower back was revealed. The hidden mystery of his life experience was revealed, and the conspiracy began to quietly brew. Jian An accidentally lost his memory and relied deeply on Yan Lu, who had always protected him.

The two secretly fell in love and spent a good time in the safe house like an ordinary couple. But as the lost memories gradually recovered, Jian An fell into deep uneasiness. He was afraid that the truth about his attempt to drive away Yan Lu would be revealed. But he didn’t know that Yan Lu already understood everything and just wanted to protect Jian An

Inverse Identity Cast

Han Jiang Yu as Yan Lu
Tian Tong as Jian An

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