The Slave To Love Chinese drama
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Title: The Slave To Love

Chinese Title: 见卿卿 / Jian Qing Qing

Also known As: 公主请自重 / Gong Zhu Qing Zi Zhong

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 03 March 2024

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Luo Yi Ming, Li Hong

Screenwriter: Fan Qie Dan

Episodes: 24

The Slave To Love Synopsis

A modern day girl, finds herself transported through time to become the evil fourth princess of the Suye Kingdom, vulnerable to assassination. To return to her era, she must ascend to the position of empress.

Yuan Mingyu, known for her fiery temperament, embarks on a journey to seize the throne. She enlists the aid of Ye Shao, an innocent shadow guard, whom she seduces into protecting her. Unexpectedly, Ye Shao harbors genuine feelings for her, and they join forces to overcome prejudices and obstacles. Mingyu believes Ye Shao to be her most trustworthy ally, unaware that he’s the former prince, manipulating her to acquire a military seal. Mingyu refuses to choose between power and love, striving for both as she sets out on her path to victory.

The Slave To Love Cast

Lu Yan Qi as Yuan Mingyu
Hei Ze as Ye Shao
Yang Teng as Sun Xiang
Xiang Xia as Feng Congshan
Zhang Zi Jian as Shen Qi
Liu Bei Shi as Crown Prince
Yan Shu Yi as Jin Lan
Zhou Pei Chen as Eldest Prince
Jiang Yu Jia as Yuan Mingyi
Ma Jin Feng as Emperor

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