Jiang He Zhi Shang

Jiang He Zhi Shang
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Title: Jiang He Zhi Shang

Chinese Title: 江河之上 / Jiang He Zhi Shang

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Broadcast Date:

Genre: Legal

Director: Zhou Ya Ping

Screenwriter: Zhou Ya Ping

Episodes: 40

Jiang He Zhi Shang Synopsis

The story of a group of determined judicial workers such as Environmental Resources Judge Luo Yuan and court consultant Xia Weidong who crack down on crime, pollution crimes, protect the environment and ecology, and explore judicial reforms in a series of environmental protection cases.

Stories that defend public rights. As China’s first environmental judicial drama, the series focuses on the wonderful cases of environmental protection judicial practice in the Yangtze River Basin and tells the “Chinese story” of environmental resources trials. The film’s creative team hopes to attract the attention of all walks of life with a realistic drama with a story background based on real life and a perspective that considers both official and private matters. This will demonstrate the hardships of environmental justice reform, promote the concept of green development, and empower the public—environmental awareness.

Jiang He Zhi Shang Cast

Gao Wei Guang as Luo Yuan
Chen Shu as Xia Wei Dong
Yuan Wen Kang as Geng Nian
Lu Xiao Lin as Lin Hai Lan
Dai Si as Su Zhuo
Liu Chang as Nie Wen
Dong Chang as Jiang Dan
Huang Zi Qi as Pang Yun
Mu Ye as Ning Ni

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