An Eternal Thought

An Eternal Thought Chinese drama
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Title: An Eternal Thought

Chinese Title: 一念永恒 / Yi Nian Yong Heng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Wuxia, Xuanhuan

Director: Tan You Ye

Screenwriter: Zhang Xiao, Shang Meng Lu

Producer: Luo Gang, Wang Chu

Executive Producer: Chen Jia Lin

Style Director: Han Guang Ren

Production Company: Butterfly Effect

Adapted from Yi Nian Yong Heng (一念永恒) by Er Gen (耳根)

Episodes: 40

An Eternal Thought Synopsis

Bai Xiaochun, a kind-hearted and free-spirited, always uses his own methods to help people who he thinks is in need. This leads to many hilarious situations, and he is regarded by villagers as a rebellious kid. After he gets into the famous Ling Xi Sect, he meets a few like-minded friends, each with their own capabilities and quirks. Together, they form a team set to uphold justice. A few years later, Bai Xiaochun grows up and becomes a hot-blooded and responsible young hero. Bai Xiaochun sets out on a journey to restore world peace and in the process, gains friendship and love.

An Eternal Thought Cast

Zheng Ye Cheng as Bai Xiaochun
Sun Yi as Du Lingfei
Liu Hai Kuan as Shangguan Tian You
Zheng Qiu Hong as Gongsun Wan’er
Wang Rui Zi as Song Junwan
Zhang Yi Qian as Zhang Dapang
Zhang Xiao Yue as Zhao Tianjiao
Sheng Jun Yu as Li Family’s son

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