Just Between Us

Just Between Us Chinese drama
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Title: Just Between Us

Chinese Title: 我们之间的秘密 / Wo Men Zhi Jian De Mi Mi

Broadcast Network: Mango TV

Broadcast Date: 29 December 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Liang Jian Wei

Episodes: 48

Just Between Us Synopsis

The first Macau-themed short drama in the country was planned and implemented in collaboration with the Macau Department of Social Affairs and Culture as a pilot project to commemorate the “25th anniversary of Macau’s return to China”. The story presents a new generation of young people who have grown up in Macau, living in the old city and struggling with new landmarks. It tells a heartwarming story about the cold-looking foreign chef Wang Tingzhi and his daughter Wang Qianqian, and the local Macau hot pepper Huang Yilin and her grandmother Zhang Baoqin. They became attached to each other because of “house”, and their relationship became warmer because of “food”, and finally fell in love hand in hand under the same roof. [Translated]

Just Between Us Cast

Liu Hai Kuan as Tan Zhixing
Liu Yi Tong as Huang Yilin
Wang Xin Yu as Wang Qianqian
Zhao Xuan as Luo Hao
Liu Ling as Bai Yujue
Liang Hong Li as Ji Ming

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