The Snow Moon Chinese drama
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Title: The Snow Moon

Chinese Title: 风月如雪 / Feng Yue Ru Xue

Also known As: 狐妖皇帝 / Hu Yao Huang Di / Fox Demon Emperor

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 28 September 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Hui Yu

Episodes: 24

The Snow Moon Synopsis

In order to break the curse that causes the repeated tragic deaths of his beloved Su Xiaohuan, the Fox Demon Bo Qiu has suffered centuries of loneliness and a tortured love in nine lifetimes. In this lifetime, Su Xiaohuan’s entire family died at the hands of Bo Qiu. Su Xiaohuan, who has been wandering the streets since childhood, experiences the ups and downs of life and survives with her shameless and unscrupulous personality.

Later on, she is manipulated by Xuanyuan Qingchuan, the dethroned prince of the former dynasty, and sent to the palace to be placed by the side of the rumored bloodthirsty Fox Demon, waiting for a chance to seek revenge. Unexpectedly, due to fate, she falls in love with the Fox Demon again without realizing it. In this lifetime, to break the shackles of fate, Bo Qiu sacrifices himself instead of recognizing his beloved. In the end, he manages to move the heaven and earth with his true love and finally breaks the curse on Su Xiaohuan.

The Snow Moon Cast

Li Jia Qi as Su Xiaohuan (voiced by Yu Ming Lu)
Zuo Ye as Bo Qiu (voiced by Xu Kai)
Wang Ting Xu as Xuanyuan Qingchuan (voiced by Lu Yang)
Xiang Xin as Yu Li (voiced by Zeng Meng Yu)
Bo Lai as Elder

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