Rose And Gun Chinese drama
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Title: Rose And Gun

Chinese Title: 爱上海军蓝 / Ai Shang Hai Lan Jun

Also known As: 许你岁月静好 / Xu Ni Sui Yue Jing Hao

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Military, Romance

Director: Yu Chun, Lv Zi Bo

Screenwriter: Zhai Xiao Guang

Producer: Miao Meng, Ding Ding

Production Company: Perfect World Pictures, Tencent Penguin Pictures

Episodes: 36

Rose And Gun Synopsis

Tang Xin, an independent woman, is a workaholic and never thinks that marriage is a necessary thing in life. At the strong request of her father, she meets Wu Si, her blind date. Wu Si is an excellent military officer, and his personal life is extremely monotonous. He takes exams, enlists in the army, and gets married in a step-by-step manner, and his life is planned to perfection.

The two young men, who seemed to be a perfect match to outsiders, disliked each other from the beginning, and finally became lovers after experiencing a ridiculous and twists of story. Very different from the workaholic Tang Xin is Lan Yangyang, who has just graduated from medical school. She fell in love at first sight with the handsome military officer Zong Qing and bravely got married.

Career differences, conflicting values, the grinding of trivial life, and even the tolerance and sacrifice caused by the particularity of their lovers’ careers made the two young girls hesitate for a while. But after truly getting to know the group of military wives, they understood this nobler and more powerful emotion of resilience from the bottom of their hearts. After experiencing the sorrow and laughter of youth, the two young couples steadfastly joined hands for the rest of their lives, and the love in the military camp continued.

Rose And Gun Cast

Jin Han as Wu Si
Xuan Lu as Tang Xin
Xu Yang as Zong Qing
Tian Ai as Lan Yangyang
Luo Yan as Wang Chen
Tang Xu as Wang Lang
Wang Yu as Cheng Yuan
Chen Kang as Yi Nanwang
Yang Zi Yan as Lin Lan
Fang Zi Bin as Tang Yuanchao
Zhang Duo as Bai Zijian
Zou Ting Wei as Han Yuhang

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