Islands Chinese drama
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Title: Islands

Chinese Title: 烟火人家 / Yan Huo Ren Jia

Also known As: 她和她的群岛 / Ta He Ta De Qun Dao

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Tencent

Broadcast Date:13 February 2024

Genre: Family

Director: Lin Yan

Screenwriter: Qiu Ting, Zhu Qi

Producer: Yang Xiao Pei

Production Company: Xixi Pictures

Episodes: 40

Islands Synopsis

The vigorous head, Qiao Haiyun, ever set rules that every New Year all family members must go home. No one had broken rules all the time, until the most honest third-generation Li Yijin suddenly broke the tradition to go to her boyfriend’s home for the New Year, causing family contradiction. Qiao Haiyun has three daughters.

The eldest, Meng Mingwei is not her biological daughter. Because of lame inferiority, Meng Mingwei had great ambitions for her daughter, Li Yijin, but had a very tense relationship with her. In the end, they understood each other’s difficulties and finally knew that keeping a proper distance was the best way to maintain a mother-daughter relationship; Meng Wanqing, the second one, and Tao Shuna were perfect mother and daughter, but the two accidentally discovered each other’s secret.

The process of rediscovering each other is also that of rediscovering oneself. The two finally understood that the perfect mother-daughter relationship was not to cover up the shortcomings but to support each other; The third one, Meng Yian, is the most like Qiao Haiyun, strong and independent. Not wanting to be a strong woman like her mother, but by chance, Meng Yian took the same path as her mother. The difficulty of balancing her career and family led her to understand her mother. The three generations of women in the Meng family were like a flock of birds. Although they watched each other from the distance, they supported each other and coexisted.

Islands Cast

Xu Fan as Meng Mingwei
Ma Si Chun as Li Yijin
Liang Jing as Meng Yuanqing
Li Xiao Ran as Meng Yian
Song Chun Li as Qiao Haiyun
Sun Qian as Tao Shuna
Li Cheng Ru as Li Chengzhi
Liu Jun as Tao Dalei
Wang Tian Chen as Zhou Dao
Song Ning Feng as Qiu Xia
Geng Le as Song Junfan
Chen Jing Ke as Zhang Xiaoyan
Ding Chuan as Liao Zhe
Wu Shi Le as Sun Xiaoru
Zhao Xin as Xiao Yao
Xu Xin Tang as Qiu Qiu

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