Tender Light

Gone With The Wind Chinese drama
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Title: Tender Light

Also Known As Gone With The Wind

Chinese Title: 微暗之火 / Wei An Zhi Huo

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance

Director: Yao Xiao Feng

Production Company: Otters Studio

Episodes: 28

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Tender Light Synopsis

Zhou Luo, a straight-A student, is the first one from Qingshui Town to get into a prestigious university. However, he returns to his hometown before completing his degree and goes to a cram school to repeat a year of school. His decision causes quite a stir in this small town. Had he not faced criticism himself, he would never have noticed another talk of the town, Nan Ya.

Nan Ya is a very beautiful clothing store owner, and there are always a lot of rumors about her. She travels between the clothing store and home every day, taking care of her sick daughter, Wanwan. As Zhou Luo becomes more acquainted with Nan Ya, he realizes that Nan Ya’s marriage is not a happy one, and her husband, Xu Yi, a businessman, has a brutal side at home. Zhou Luo has witnessed how Nan Ya was assaulted by Xu Yi. Besides, the “Bridge Case” sheds light on several issues regarding Xu Yi’s business operations.

All this causes Nan Ya’s marriage to be in jeopardy. To protect Wanwan, Nan Ya wants a divorce. The kind-hearted Zhou Luo cannot bear to see Nan Ya suffer further, so he offers to help. Finally, with the assistance of Zhou Luo, kind residents of the town, and the police, all parties involved in the case receive fair and just treatment.

Tender Light Cast

Tong Yao as Nan Ya
Zhang Xin Cheng as Zhou Luo
Chen Yu Tong as Lin Fanglu

Wang Zi Xuan as Zhang Qingli
Zhao Hao Hong as Chen Jun
Tu Zhi Ying as Jiang Bingbing
Tian Xiao Jie as Lao Chen
Huang Lu as Chen Ling
Liu Jun Xiao as Xu Yi
Wang Qing as Gui Xiang
Zhao Huan Yu as Zhang Huashan
Liu Heng Fu as Liu Yingxiong
Song Shuai as Liu Xun
Feng Qian Yao as Wan Wan
Sun Da Chuan as Jiang Zhi
Wang Pei Lu as Liu Changshui

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