The Love Of The Immortal

The Love Of The Immortal Chinese drama
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Title: The Love Of The Immortal

Chinese Title: 玄璃美人煞 / Xuan Li Mei Ren Sha

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 19 January 2024

Genre: Xuanhuan, Romance

Director: Peng Xin Yi

Episodes: 24

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The Love Of The Immortal Synopsis

In ancient times, the Emperor God exhausted his cultivation to suppress the Demon King. Before entering seclusion, he reincarnated a trace of his essence as Han Mu. Unaware of this, Han Mu encountered Xuan Li, a demoness with innate demonic power, while cultivating in the Jiuchong Mountains. As they trained together, a deep affection grew between them, and they came to know and accept each other.

The Love Of The Immortal Cast

Lin Yan Rou as Xuan Li
Li Yu Hao as Han Mu / Heavenly Emperor
Bu Zi Ying as Qing Xue
Chen Huan as Mu Shuyi
Xu Ding as Jiu Chen / Demon Lord
Zhao Xiao Kun as Kuang Tian
Huang Fu Po Yuan as Nan Hao
Zhao Yan Qiao as Zi Rong
Zhang Zi Lin as Nan Ping
Feng Ke Ying as Li Hua
Chen Hao Tian as Luo Feng
Chen Wen Jun as Xi Yao
Chen Wen Jing as grand master
Wen Guo Qiang as third uncle
Liu Yi Ran as little girl

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