Wonderland Of Love

Wonderland Of Love Chinese drama
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Title: Wonderland Of Love

Chinese Title: 乐游原 / Le You Yuan

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 06 November 2023

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Zheng Wei Wen

Screenwriter: Fei Wo Si Cun

Producer: Li Li Ming, Zhang Wei Lin

Costume Design: Yi Xiao Ya

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, Qi Shuo Pictures

Episodes: 40

Wonderland Of Love Synopsis

Li Ni, the emperor’s grandson, guards the border and is forced to take on the responsibility of quelling the rebellion. With a lack of love from his father, Li Ni hides his identity at the border and is content with being a carefree frontline general who has no intention of fighting for power. During military campaigns against the rebels, he encounters the ambitious Cui Lin, the only daughter of General Cui Yi, the commander of the Cui family army.

Cui Lin concealed her true identity and disguised herself as Lieutenant He, fighting alongside the army. They crossed paths with each other many times on the battlefields; one is scheming and witty, and the other is guileful and forthright. In their competitiveness with each other, they calculate and predict each other’s plan and movement to fight as the winner, which leads them down the path of falling in love.

However, the imperial power is in turbulence, and the kingdom is falling. In one of the unexpected battle outcomes, Li Ni was forced to be promoted to the crown prince, which changed the path of their relationship as they were forced to choose to take on the responsibility of saving the kingdom and willing to give up their persistence for love.

Wonderland Of Love Cast

Main Roles

Xu Kai as Li Ni (voiced by Zhang Fu Zheng)
Jing Tian as Cui Lin (voiced by Liu Xiao Yu)

Supporting Roles

Zheng He Hui Zi as Tao Zi (voiced by Qiao Su)
Gao Han as Liu Chengfeng (voiced by Chen Zhang Tai Kang)
Zhou Yu Chen as Liu Chengfeng (young)
Zhao Jia Min as Gu Wanniang (voiced by Liu Qing)
Liu Dong Qin as Xie Chang’er (voiced by Yun Wei Yi)
Zeng Li as Consort Xiao
Yu Bo as Sun Jing
Gao Shu Guang as Prince Liang
He Zhong Hua as Gu Xiang (voiced by Tu Te Ha Meng)
Zhu Hong Jia as Lao Bao
He Feng Tian as Pei Yuan (voiced by Xiao Jing)
Jiang Kai as Cui Yi (voiced by Tang Shui Yu)
Yuan Ran as Empress (voiced by Li Jia Si)
Liu Yu Ning as Mu Xianhe (ep 36-37)
Shi Shi as A Yue (voiced by Bai Xin Zan)
Cui Peng as Li Jun (voiced by Lu Li Feng)
Xu Yi Ming as Li Jun (young)
Li Jia Ming as Li Lai (voiced by Yu Chang Yu)
Guo Xing Qi as A Shu (voiced by Shi Ze Kun)
Wu Hao as Huang Youyi
Jin Long as Zhao Youde (voiced by Bei Yan)
Sun Yi Ren as Zhang Youren
Zhang Xu Zhen as Qian Youdao
Yang Zhen as Cui Li (voiced by Cai Jie)
Wang Jia Hui as Chen Xing (voiced by Wei Yi Fan)
Li Yan Man as Qiu Cui (voiced by Liu Rui)
Zhao Yan Song as Pei Xian (voiced by Xing Zi Hao)
Wang Hai Xiang as Han Chang (voiced by Lu Yang)
Yu Yang as Han Li
Li Zhi Yong as Guo Zhi
Xu Xiang Dong as Fu Yuan’er
Yu Xin He as Shen Niang
Sun Zi Jun as Jin Niang (voiced by Bai Xin Zan)
Yu Qing as Attendant Yuan
Huang Xiao Ge as Madame Wei Guo (voiced by Qiu Qiu)
Xia Tian as Xin Fa (voiced by Zhang Zhan Kun)
Chen Yu Chen as Lv Chengzhi (voiced by Huang Yi Chuan)
Han Qiu Chi as Duke Zheng
Deng Jing Hong as Pi Si Lang
Tang Guo Zhong as Wu Yan
Guo Kai as Li Lai’s advisor
Ruan Hong Cheng as Li Xuanze (voiced by Zhang Jia Qi)
Chen Tian Yu as A Tao
Yu Tong as Madame Cui
Mo Xiao Man as Female Envoy Zhao
Geng Li Ming as Princess Consort Xin
Liao Song Mei as Li Ni’s nanny
Ma Rui Ze as Yu San
Xie Lu Yao as Yang Qi Niang
Bai Jing Jing as Madame Yang Zheng
Chen Guo Liang as Advisor
He Xiang as Zhao Liu
He Ling Yao as Princess
Zhou Luo Yi as Lady
Ma Hong Lei as Professor Cha
Li Jun as Wu Luo
Zhao Shi Han as A Zhen (voiced by Li Mu Yan)
Jiang Zhi Feng as Old Hunter
Shi Yan as Old Hunter’s wife
Ren Wan Jing as Madame Jiang
Luo Sang Dan Ba as Jia Li
Dai Yi as Steward Qiu

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