Blooming Chinese drama
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Title: Blooming

Chinese Title: 一念花开 / Yi Nian Hua Kai

Also known As: 心是莲花开 / Xin Shi Lian Hua Kai / 师兄总是要开花 / Shi Xiong Zong Shi Yao Kai Hua

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 23 October 2023

Genre: Xianxia, Romance, Comedy

Director: Cha Chuan Yi

Screenwriter: Qi Tian Tian

Producer: Peng Shu Yang

Style Director: Chen Le Qin

Production Company: Youku

Episodes: 30

Blooming Synopsis

Zhao Tan Tan’s senior brother has a magic flower on his forehead, and it will gradually bloom if he is emotional. The magic flower will fall into the devil’s hand when it blooms. From then on, Zhao Tan Tan began the hard days of persuading his senior brother to recite more scriptures and be less emotional.

Blooming Cast

Fang Yi Lun as Cui Chen / Mu Bai (voiced by Peng Yao)
Huang Ri Ying as Zhao Tantan (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)
Rui Na as Zhao Tantan (young)
Ma Xin Mo as Feng Bao (voiced by Sun Ya Chen)
Yan Xi En as Feng Bao (young)
Qiu Shi Lun as Qiu Yuebai (voiced by Yang Xin Ran)
Chen Yi Chen as Qi Fang (voiced by Wang Jing Yang)
Zhao Meng Shu as Sha Jinxiang (voiced by Cheng Li)
Fang Pin Qi as Xue Yi (voiced by Liu Zhi Fou)
Cui En Ci as Hu Meng (voiced by Liao Xu Ke)
Fei Long as Zi Meng (voiced by Dai Kang Kang)
Yang Jin Cheng as Huai Meng (voiced by Zong Tian Ze)
Qian Yong Chen as Qing Zhufeng (voiced by Zhao Zhe Hao)
Yao Zhuo Jun as Demon Lord (voiced by Lai Xiao Feng)
Yang Yi Fei as Su Zhinan (voiced by Li Jia Xiang)
Sun Cai Lun as Yue Ying (voiced by Bai Ri Ni)
Liang Jun Sen as Mo Yan (voiced by Wang Jing Yang)
Li Jing Yi as Xie Yu (voiced by Li Jia Xiang)
Chen Yi Lin as Zhu Manqing (voiced by Zhang Xin Yue)
Liu Shu Yuan as Miao Yu (voiced by Hu Lian)
Wu Yi Jia as Hua Xiang (voiced by Mo Ran)
Duan Mei Yang as Xian Fang (voiced by Si Tu)
Zhang Bo as Mu Xuan
Lei Peng Yu as Zhu Yan (voiced by Sun Ming Qian)
Han Mo as Bai Die Zi (voiced by Gao Ya Ya )
Chen Jun An as Lu Yi (voiced by Lai Xiao Feng)
Zhang Zhi Wei as Feng Zhai (voiced by Li Yi )
Zhang Xi Yao as Junior Sister
Liu Xiao Zhen as Centipede Spirit (voiced by Li Yi)
Jie An Qi as Golden Swallow Spirit
Han Zhi Gang as Song Bo (voiced by Liu Zhong Zheng)
Zhu Li Qiang as Crab Spirit (voiced by Dai Kang Kang)
Ma Hong Lei as Pig Spirit (voiced by Kong Zhe)
Zhong Fu Xiang as Grandpa Er (voiced by Kong Zhe)

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