Special Action

Special Action Chinese drama
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Title: Special Action

Chinese Title: 特别行动 / Te Bie Xing Dong

Also known As: 北斗行动 / Bei Dou Xing Dong

Broadcast Network: CCTV, Tencent

Broadcast Date: 25 May 2024

Genre: Republican, Spy

Director: Lin Wei, Wang Yi Lun

Screenwriter: Zhang Xiao Fan

Episodes: 32

Special Action Synopsis


In 1948, after the publication of the “May 1st slogan”, a group of patriotic democrats in Hong Kong, represented by Professor Tong Jiangnan, actively responded to the call of the Communist Party and prepared to return to the liberated areas.

The Kuomintang reactionaries obstructed and sabotaged this, and sent Zhang Mu and others to control the professor and others. Su Xing was once a student of Professor Tong Jiangnan. He received the task of the organization to go to Hong Kong to escort the democratic figures back to the liberated areas and launched a life-and-death contest with the Kuomintang reactionaries in Hong Kong.

As soon as Su Xing arrived in Hong Kong, the enemy killed Tu Zhe, the deputy editor-in-chief of the Ta Kung Pao who was responsible for contacting Professor Tong, which caused great difficulties in his work. In order to escort Professor Tong and others back to the liberated areas as soon as possible, Su Xing started by tracking down the murderer who killed Tu Zhe, dug out Zhang Mu’s direct contact Dang Xunqi, discovered the hidden enemy “bee”, prevented Zhang Mu from taking Professor Tong out of Hong Kong, and rescued Professor Tong and his daughter Tong Sheng who was kidnapped by Zhang Mu. On the ship bound for Yantai, Zhang Mu, who was trying to blow up the ship, was completely subdued, and Professor Tong and other democratic figures were successfully escorted back to the liberated areas safely.

Special Action Cast


Xia De Jun as Su Xing
Liu Zhi Xi as Tong Sheng
Jiang Chao as Li Wenbo
Wang Quan You as Tong Jiangnan
Xu Peng Kai as Luo Guanying
Yan Yu as An Ni
Wang Hui as Dang Xunqi
Liu Hui as Elder Zhuang
Luo Xin Yan as A Xiang


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