Moonlight Mystique Chinese drama
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Title: Moonlight Mystique

Chinese Title: 白月梵星 / Bai Yue Fan Xing

Also known As: 逐月 / Zhu Yue / Chasing the Moon

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Xianxia, Romance

Director: Zhu Rui Bin

Producer: Niu Ji Xin, Quan Hao Jin

Art Director: Liu Shi Yun

Stylist: Yi Xiao Ya

Production Company: iQiyi

Episodes: 36

Adapted from the novel Bai Shuo Shang Shen (白烁上神) by Xing Ling

Moonlight Mystique Synopsis


Bai Shuo, the youngest daughter of the General’s Mansion, made a vow to cultivate immortality as a way to repay a favor. While on her journey to seek immortality, she unexpectedly saved the powerful demon god, Fan Yue. Initially strangers, they gradually went from mutual manipulation to mutual affection, and eventually, both fell in love. Despite facing many obstacles, their love was strong enough to overcome any limitations, allowing them to embrace each other truly.

Moonlight Mystique Cast


Bai Lu as Bai Shuo / Yue Mi
Ao Rui Peng as Fan Yue / Tian Qi
Dai Lu Wa as Fu Ling
Chang Hua Sen as Chong Shao
Quan Yi Lun as Rong Xian
Dai Si as Chang Mei
Fan Jing Wen as Le Zhu
Cui Shao Yang as Nan Wan
Liu Zhi Yi as Hua Yong
Pan Jun Ya as Ling Long
Zhang Xin as Tian Huo
Cheng Hong Xin as Mu Jiu
Li Yu as Lao Gui
Zhang Cheng Lang as Bei Chen
Yang Jun Cheng as Wu Zhao
Cheng Tao as Cang Shan
Ni Song Yang as Chang Sheng
Hu Jia Hao as Chang Wu
Chen Jun An as Jing Lei
Yu Miao Xin as Yan Huo
Zuo Ye as A Qi
Xia Ming Hao as Bai Xun



  1. Good luck Bai lu we pray for your success just leave it to God and he will grant you because you are nice and humble lov you my queen.

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