Thousands Of Years Of Love

Thousands Of Years Of Love Chinese drama
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Title: Thousands Of Years Of Love

Chinese Title: 千年情劫 / Qian Nian Qing Jie

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 24 January 2024

Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

Director: Chen Yi

Screenwriter: Zuo Tian

Episodes: 22

Thousands Of Years Of Love Synopsis

Demon Lord Feng Ruoyao has the body of a phoenix and leads the demon world. She falls in love with the immortal Lord Mo Chenyuan at first sight and forcibly abducts him back to the demon world to get married.

The Immortal Lord Mo Chenyuan has always had a good impression of Feng Ruoyao. Because his half-brother seriously injured him, he was captured by her and went to the Demon Realm to recuperate. The two seem to be happy enemies, but they run in both directions. No matter what obstacles they encounter, they always treat each other with sincerity. In the end, they bridge the gap between the immortal and demon clans and finally get married…

Thousands Of Years Of Love Cast

Yu Xuan Chen as Mo Chenyuan / Yin Moting
Tu Zhi Ying as Feng Ruoyao / Lu Chenxi
Bao Han as Mo Haoli / Yin Moxuan
Sun Yan En as Nangong Xin Lan / Lin Qianyu
Yang Lei as Nongong Yue
Ning Xian Zhou as Ying Zhao
Pu Pu as Wu You
Yuan Zi Ming as Lord Zi Yang

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