Moon Romance Chinese drama
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Title: Moon Romance

Chinese Title: 月上朝颜 / Yue Shang Zhao Yan

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy

Director: Huang Chun

Screenwriter: Bai Ning, Chen Zhi Ming

Producer: Meng Xian Tian

Production Company: iQiyi, G.H.Y Culture & Media

Episodes: 24

Moon Romance Synopsis


The love story of Yun Zhaoyan, a girl who is kind and cannot turn a blind eye to injustice, and Ren Shique, the moon god who is cold and selfish to disguise the fact that he is lonely and hurt over the rejection of his parents. When Yun Zhaoyan gains a type of mystical sight she and Ren Shique join forces and embark on a fantastical, adventurous journey together.

Moon Romance Cast


Wang Jing Xuan as Ren Shique, moon immortal
Ji Mei Han as Yun Zhaoyan
Wang Xuan as Xie Guichen
Cao Wan Jin as Princess
Guo Peng as Castellean
Zeng Chen as Kui Ji
Lin Meng as Aunt Lan
Wang Zi Han as Lu Qingchi


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