Love Song In Winter

Love Song In Winter Chinese drama
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Title: Love Song In Winter

Chinese Title: 冬至 / Dong Zhi

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Mystery

Director: Yu Zhong Zhong

Production Company: iQiyi, GH Entertainment & Media, The Alliance of Gods

Episodes: 36

Love Song In Winter Synopsis


On her way to work the night shift, Lu Yan, an anesthesiologist, “runs into” her friend Deng Man, who has been “dead” for many years, and strange things have happened since then. Detective Jiang Chengyi, Lu Yan’s ex-boyfriend whom she broke up with many years ago, also gets caught in the investigation, and the truth that has been hidden for eight years is slowly revealed.

Love Song In Winter Cast


Huang Jing Yu as Jiang Chengyi
Sun Qian as Lu Yan
Shi Shi as Yu Zheng
Wang Tian Chen as Wen Peng
Xiao Kai Zhong as Yu Bofeng
Guan Zi Jing as Da Zhong
Lin Le Xuan as Ding Qian
Li Jia Qi as Tang Jie
He Hong Shan as Deng Man
Bei Lei as Qin Yue
Ariel Ann as Qiao Rui



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