Love Me Like I Do

Love Me Like I Do Chinese drama
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Title: Love Me Like I Do

Chinese Title: 我的老板为何那样 / Wo De Lao Ban Wei Ne Na Yang

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: 03 February 2023

Genre: Romance

Director: Yu Zhong He

Screenwriters: Su Su, Li Hua, Liu Ting Ting, Yu Mei Qiao

Producers: Peng Zhe, Pang Bo, Han Sheng Ping

Episodes: 18

Love Me Like I Do Synopsis


Tian Tian is an illustration designer, and it has always been her dream to become a fashion designer. When she went to Qiansheng Group to apply for a fashion designer job, she discovered that Qiansheng Group’s new fashion products plagiarized her previous illustrations.

After Tian Tian asked for an explanation several times, he attracted the attention of Liu Xilai, the group president. Liu Xilai not only purchased the copyright of the plagiarized works, but also asked Tian Tian to join Qiansheng Group as a fashion designer and concurrently as the president’s special assistant to help him solve some personal matters.

At first, Tian Tian relied on her diligence and passion to take care of both, but as Liu Xilai’s work as President Liu Xilai’s special assistant increased, Tian Tian was exhausted and increasingly unable to meet Liu Xilai’s requirements. There were many conflicts. Then the Qiansheng Group faced a crisis. Liu Xilai and Tian Tian jointly protected the Qiansheng Group, which strengthened their feelings for each other. The colleagues and friends who accompanied them also gained something in their careers and gained benefits. growing up.

Love Me Like I Do Cast


Main Roles

Liu Yin Jun as Liu Xilai
Zhang Mu Xi as Tian Tian

Supporting Roles


Ma Qian Qian as Wen Xian
Zhao Huan Ran as Liu Xizhao
Huang Yi Kai as young Liu Xizhao
Yu Yan Long as Luo Ci
Zhang Chen as Tang Sai
Wu Wei Miao as Dan Rou Si
Gao Kai as Li Huai
De Bai as Brother Guo
Pei Yi as Wen Zhicai
Li Song Ci as Jiang Jiang
Shang Bo Jun as Liu Jing
Lin Zhi Min as Zheng Qian
Wang Hao Dong as Kai Wen
Liu Kai Lun as Miss Qian
Huang Feng Rong as Sister Hua
Liu Wei as security captain
Wang Wei as little girl
Wu Kun Yi as Reporter Liu
Shen Xin as Curator Fang
Zhang Wen Xin as female reporter
Li Yu Qing as Miss Gao
Ni Xiao Qing as big fat boy
Wang Zhen Zhen as little fat boy
Hu Kai as Director Li
Zhai Yi as delivery master
Lin Jin Tan as tractor master
Zhang Yu Jia as Luo Ci’s fan
Fan Li Li as Luo Mu
Zhang Hong Li as hotel front desk
He Qun as aunt Dong Bei
Li Bin as fitness coach
Xu Yan as jewelry designer
Wang Ze Wen as kart coach
Hu Xiao Yang as kart coach
Zhang Tian Tian as waiter


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