Love For Life Chinese drama
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Title: Love For Life

Chinese Title: 我们 / Wo Men

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Romance, Youth

Director: He Tan

Screenwriter: Li Lin

Production Company: FWS, Yuekai Media

Episodes: 36

Love For Life Synopsis


Qi Shan and Zhou Zan are childhood friends since young due to the close relationship between their families. However, Zhou Zan’s attitude toward marriage took a drastic change due to the his parents’ divorce, and although he stays by Qi Shan’s side, he was unwilling to take a further step in their relationship. Qi Shan grew disheartened after waiting for Zhou Zan for many years, and finally decided to accept the dependable and reliable Wei Ziqian. However, Wei Ziqian turned out to be Qi Shan’s half-brother. At the same time, Qi Shan’s good fiend Qin Long also falls for Wei Ziqian.

Love For Life Cast


Lai Guan Lin as Zhou Zan
Yang Yu Tong as Qi Shan
Du Yu Sen as Wei Ziqian
Wang Qian Guo as Qin Long
Yang Yi Kai as Zhang Hang


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