Trial Marriage ( Chen Ze & Wang Pei Han) 2021 Chinese Drama

Title: Trial Marriage

Native Title: 试婚99天
Episodes: 24
Genres: Comedy, Romance
Aired: Aug 20, 2021
Original Network: iQiyi, iQiyi
Duration: 30 min.


In order to resolve a crisis, two prominent names in the real estate industry agree to get engaged for 99 days – one is the domineering female CEO and the other merely a puppet executive.

Gu Ling Se is the head of Dingzhuang Group. Ye Cheng Shu is the figurehead of Weilai Group. Out of commercial interests, the two young executives enter into a contract engagement. Quan has been pursuing Gu Ling Se yet mistakenly plays cupid when his actions lead to a kiss between Ye Cheng Shu and Gu Ling Se.

Soon enough, what was purely business has turned into a real romance. Just when everything seemed to be going well, Ye Cheng Shu’s good friend Jiang Han reveals his wild ambition. Can the “president-in-training” and his “hardcore” wife save the family business?

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