Hidden Marriage

Hidden Marriage Chinese drama
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Title: Hidden Marriage

Chinese Title: 许你万丈光芒 / Xu Ni Wan Zhang Guang Mang

Broadcast Network: Douyin

Broadcast Date: 22 December 2023

Genre: Romance

Production Company: Yuone, Douyin

Episodes: 16

Hidden Marriage Synopsis


Ning Xi, who was supposed to be holding the script of a wealthy family, was accidentally robbed of her fiancé by her sister. Ning Xi suffered severe physical and mental injuries and fled abroad. After returning to China five years later, she decided to venture into the entertainment industry. Unexpectedly, she met the beauty boss Lu Tingxiao. Not only did this boss ask Ning Xi to marry him when they first met, but he also brought a cute baby to his door and begged to live with him. Ning Xi didn’t take it seriously. She focused on her career and wanted to become a superstar from the 18th tier, but for Lu Tingxiao, For her, Ning Xi was the lover she longed to reunite with after a long absence, so she decisively embarked on a long journey to chase his wife. With the help of her adorable baby, Ning Xi finally got closer to Lu Tingxiao…

Hidden Marriage Cast


Zhao Yi Qin as Lu Tingxiao
Zhao Jia Min as Ning Xi


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