Wu Yifan brokerage firms are involved in contract disputes

Wu Yifan brokerage firms are involved in contract disputes

Previously Wu Yifan used to endorse Vantage] According to the Qichacha APP, recently Wu Yifan’s brokerage company, Beijing Fanshi Culture Media Co., Ltd., and other new court announcements According to the information, the plaintiff is Vantage Co., Ltd., and the cause of the case is a service contract dispute. The hearing time is November 22, 2021. Wu Yifan previously served as the spokesperson for Vantage, and the cooperation between the two parties expires in July 2021.

The focus is on the lawsuits for breach of the service contract. In legal practice, when signing endorsement promotion contracts with celebrities, now all brand merchants will make clear and meticulous “artistic morality” of artists Agreement.

These agreements cover all aspects. In the final analysis, brands invite celebrity endorsements because they have a huge appeal, and behind the appeal is the public’s recognition and admiration of celebrities.

However, once the celebrity is found to have problems with personal morality, then the public will no longer pay for the endorsement!

Therefore, once the contract is terminated due to loss of personal morality, the star will not only fall into a state of social death, but also need to pay a high amount of liquidated damages.

Follow-up onlookers at the civil lawsuit between Vantage and Wu Yifan, the highlight lies in how the terms were agreed at that time.

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