Attacking Lady Chinese drama
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Title: Attacking Lady

Chinese Title: 进击的夫人 / Jin Ji De Fu Ren

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date: 12 January 2024

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 21

Adapted from a web novel (夫人, 全球都在等你离婚) by Yun Qi Mo Li

Attacking Lady Synopsis


Jewelry designer Bai Jinse stumbles upon the painful revelation that her fiancé, Zheng Huaichen, has cheated on her with her younger sister, Bai Linlin. Fueled by the desire for justice, Bai Jinse embarks on a mission to gather evidence against the deceitful scumbag. Along this challenging journey, she unexpectedly crosses paths with Mo Sinian, the CEO who, too, has fallen victim to betrayal by his own fiancée. United by their shared experiences of heartbreak and deception, they decide to enter into a marriage of convenience.

Attacking Lady Cast


Sun Zi Jun as Bai Jinse
Yang Chuan Bei as Mo Sinian
Jiang Xin Qi as Qin Wuduan
Pei Zheng Zheng as Song Jin
Xing Luo Dan as Zheng Huaichen
Chai Zi Di as Feng Xiaoxi
Fan Li Li as Mo Susu
Zhou Guan Jian as Bai Zhengming
You Hang as Song Cheng
Bu Luo Yu as Bai Linlin


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