Present is Present

Present is Present Chinese drama
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Title: Present is Present

Chinese Title: 奔向所有时空的你 / Ben Xiang Suo You Shi Kong De Ni

Also known As: 暮霭过后 / Mu Ai Guo Hou

Broadcast Network: Sohu TV

Broadcast Date: 21 May 2024

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mystery

Director: Huang Yuan Da

Screenwriter: Wang Xiao Cui

Episodes: 16

Present is Present Synopsis

Although Yuan Xia grew up in difficulties, she always looked toward the sunny environment. Running in both directions with Wei Zi Qi, they travel through time and space. In countless parallel universes, they save each other and fall in love with each other again and again.

Present is Present Cast

Fan Zhi Xin as Wei Ziqi
Tu Bing as Yuan Xia
Song Yi Xiong as Pei Shen
Liu En Shang as Zhou Xiong

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