Mo Ran Chinese drama
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Title: Mo Ran

Chinese Title: 莫染 / Mo Ran

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Wang Xiao Ming, Wang Xiao Kang

Screenwriter: Liu Yue, Feng Ran Bai

Producer: Liu Chang, Zhang Xiao Zhou

Executive Producer: Xie Ying

Production Company: Youku, Dreamx

Episodes: 36

Mo Ran Synopsis

Modern-day doctor Qi Yue accidentally travels to the “Great Qing” while trying to save someone. She relies on her superb skills to break the shackles of the olden times to find the true meaning behind the practice of medicine.

By chance, female surgeon Qi Yue finds herself in ancient times inside the body of Qi Yue Niang, the young master’s wife who has been murdered. Qi Yue’s arrival causes a commotion. In this new environment, she has no choice but to thrive amidst the dangers as she tries to find a way back home.

When her husband, Chang Yun Cheng, returns from guarding the borders under imperial orders, Qi Yue’s already difficult situation is further tested. The two who are only married in the name have to live under the same roof. Feelings of mutual distrust eventually turn into feelings of love. Qi Yue also manages to rely on her medical skills to defuse every danger. Upon seeing the unique benefits of traditional Chinese medicine, she begins studying under the guidance of a master’s and becomes a doctor of her generation.

Mo Ran Cast

Fu Xin Bo as Chang Yuncheng
Xia Meng as Qi Yue
Wang Hong Yi as Liu Jincheng
Ji Li as Chang Yunqi
Ma Hao as Huang Ziqiao
Zhou Zi Xin as Rao Yufang
He Qiang as Duke Ding Xi
Dai Yi as Qiao Minghan
Zhou Yi as Hu San
Wang Yu as Emperor
Wu Mei Hui as Miss Li

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