Faith & Law

Faith & Law Chinese drama
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Title: Faith & Law

Chinese Title: 信条 / Xin Tiao

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Mystery

Director: Liu Jin, Liang Hao

Screenwriter: Geng Guo Xin

Episodes: 24

Faith & Law Synopsis

The Fufeng Laoji who has experienced social hardship and the passionate young man who is just starting out, two prosecutors with completely different values ​​​​interpret a series of social hot suspense cases. The tragic fate of all living beings is surrounded by strange events and unexpected events. The reversal, behind the truth, is a reflection of many aspects of human nature. (Translated)

Faith & Law Cast

Liu Yi Jun as Zhao Zhen
Qu Chu Xiao as Yang Sen
Yan Ni as Wu Juan
Ren Zhong as Cheng Weimin
Yu Jin Wei as Xu Mai
Zhang Ling Xin as Jiang Xinyu

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