Tibetan Sea Flower

Tibetan Sea Flower Chinese drama
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Title: Tibetan Sea Flower

Chinese Title: 藏海花 / Zang Hai Hua

Also known As: 盗墓笔记之藏海花 / Dao Mu Bi Ji Zhi Zang Hai Hua

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Genre: Adventure, Action, Supernatural, Mystery

Director: Han Qing

Screenwriter: Nan Pai San Shu, Li Zao

Producer: Huang Xing, Ye Fang Cang

Executive Producer: Li Er Yun

Costume Designer: Liu Bo Yang

Production Company: Tencent Penguin Pictures, NP Entertainment

Episodes: 32

Tibetan Sea Flower Synopsis

After Wu Xie found a painting of a young man in the post office in Medog County and returned from Nepal, his peaceful life was interrupted again by the sudden visit of Jin Wantang. He brought a scorpion-shaped pendant from the Zhang family’s ancient mansion, which was closely related to Zhang Qiling in his childhood. In pursuit of clues, Wu Xie went to Nepal again and then moved to Medog. In Medog, all kinds of clues related to Zhang Qiling are coming. Wu Xie realized that he came to Medog and found that it was not accidental, but someone planned it. Wu Xie and Wang Pangzi find out more about Zhang Qiling’s background and the mystery behind Zhang’s family.

Tibetan Sea Flower Cast

Zhang Lu Yi as Wu Xie
Xu Zhen Xuan as Wu Xie (young)
Zhang Kang Le as Zhang Qiling
Chen Ming Hao as Wang Pangzi
Qiao Zhen Yu as Xie Yuchen
Janice Man as Zhang Haixing
Wei Qian Xiang as Zhang Haike
Xia Zi Xuan as Zhang Xiaoguo

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