Wo Men Yi Qi Xiu Wei Lai Chinese drama
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Title: Wo Men Yi Qi Xiu Wei Lai

Chinese Title: 我们一起修未来 / Wo Men Yi Qi Xiu Wei Lai

Also known As: 我在九幽修未来 / Wo Zai Jiu You Xiu Wei Lai

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance, Fantasy, Time travel

Director: Ma Yun Yu

Producer: Wang Xiao Tong, Cai Bin Yi

Production Company: Youku, A Production

Wo Men Yi Qi Xiu Wei Lai Synopsis


Jiuyou connects the heaven, the demon world, and the mortal world. The souls of Jiuyou must practice hard for reincarnation. According to practice results, they can choose their destiny and be reincarnated in ancient and modern times, both at home and abroad.

The little overlord Tong Feng is no exception. In six reincarnations, between life and death, Xuan Pei, the Lord of Jiuyou Mansion, is with her day and night. The two travel through ancient times, the Republic of China, and modern times. They never lose each other in various times and space, and stage an unparalleled love. The playboy Butterfly Si Mo, the girl idol of the Three Realms Tianxuan, and the middle-class rich man Li Dafu appear one after another. Tong Feng also faintly noticed that under the peaceful and beautiful scene of Jiuyou, there was a turbulent undercurrent.

Wo Men Yi Qi Xiu Wei Lai Cast

Li Ge Yang as Xuan Pei
Zhu Li Lan as Tong Feng
Cui Shao Yang as Si Mo
Huang Ruo Yuan as Meng Dihua
Hu Bo Wen as Ming Xiang
Lin Xi as Female Emperor of Heaven


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