Lin Jiang Xian

Lin Jiang Xian Chinese drama
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Chinese Title: 临江仙 / Lin Jiang Xian

Also known As: 衡门有狐 / Heng Men You Hu

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date: TBA

Genre: Xianxia, Romance

Director: Zhi Lei, Guo Hao

Producer: Yu Zheng

Executive Producer: Li Xiu Zhen

Stylist: Song Xiao Tao

Makeup Artist: Lin An Qi

Production Company: iQiyi, Huanyu Film

Episodes: 40

Lin Jiang Xian Synopsis


In a captivating fairytale, Li Qingyue, a powerful immortal blessed by the Four Spirits, and Bai Jiusi, a revered master of Dacheng, find themselves drawn together. However, a cruel twist of fate leads to a misunderstanding that ignites a heartbreaking conflict, even resulting in their demise.

But destiny is not done with them yet. Granted a second chance, they mend their broken bond and join forces as champions. Together, the immortal and the master unite to protect the innocent from a looming threat.

Lin Jiang Xian Cast


Main Roles

Bai Lu as Li Qingyue / Hua Ruyue
Zeng Shun Xi as Bai Jiusi
He Rui Xian as Fang Ling’er
Chen Xin Hai as Zhang Suan

Supporting Roles


Zhao Zhao Yi as Lv Suguan
Zhao Yi Qin as Meng Changqin
Zhang Zi Mu as Ning Yan
Pan You Cheng as Jiang Bian
Fei Long as Gatekeeper Grand Marshal


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