Jade’s Fateful Love

Jade's Fateful Love Chinese drama
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Title: Jade’s Fateful Love

Chinese Title: 晓朝夕 / Xiao Chao Xi

Broadcast Network: iQiyi

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Historical, Romance

Director: Guo Hao

Screenwriter: Zhang Miao

Production Company: iQiyi, WaJiJiWa Entertainment

Episodes: 24

Jade’s Fateful Love Synopsis


A piece of jade pendant brought life back to the two people who had been trapped in a dead situation, and unexpectedly started a journey of adventure. Yue Ling and Zhou Shiyu “killed monsters and upgraded” in the game rules where the experience ended and the game started. The two supported each other and walked hand in hand.

Jade’s Fateful Love Cast

Hani Kezi as Ashina Yue Ling
Yan Xu Jia as Zhou Shiyu
Zhang Jia Yuan as Ashina Xing Yi
Huang Qiao as Su Nian
Ma Si Han as Zhou Jixuan
Lin Jun Yi as Qian Qian
Yu Zi Yang as Lin Mu
Wang Yi Tian as Gao Luoyi
Yang Tao as Qin Siyuan
Zha Jie as Zhou Chenxian


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