Hear Your Heart

Hear Your Heart Chinese drama
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Title: Hear Your Heart

Chinese Title: 听见你的心声 / Ting Jian Ni De Xin Sheng

Broadcast Network: Youku

Broadcast Date: 31 March 2024

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Director: Sun Xin Cheng

Episodes: 12

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Hear Your Heart Synopsis


The flower shop owner and love consultant Su Yi, has heterochromatic pupils. She can hear other’s thoughts. By a twist of ate, she meets Lin Xu Feng, who has returned to start a business in his homeland. After coincidentally encountering each other several times, they gradually develop feelings for each other. Unexpectedly, their true love’s kiss unlocks memories sealed for a thousand years. As their memories of past life grudges and affections awaken, what should they do in this present life?

Hear Your Heart Cast


Zheng Xing Ru as Su Yi
Cong Guang Hong as Lin Xufeng


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