Dear Enemy Chinese drama
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Title: Dear Enemy

Chinese Title: 亲爱的仇敌 / Qin Ai De Chou Di

Broadcast Network: Tencent

Broadcast Date:

Genre: Drama

Director: Huang Tian Ren

Screenwriter: Bai Bang Ni

Producer: Fang Fang, Li Xing

Production Company: Xin Guang Pictures

Episodes: 24

Dear Enemy Synopsis


Luo Man and Chen Kaixi were college classmates. After graduation, the two gradually drifted apart. One became a successful screenwriter, and the other became a rich housewife.

Real and fake best friends of ten years meet again; they don’t want the other person to have a bad life, nor do they want the other person to have a good life. Luo Man is not satisfied with his career and hopes to achieve a leap in life through marriage and become equal to Chen Kaixi, who is deeply stuck in the quagmire of marriage.

When the undercurrent between the two was raging, the young and beautiful Zhong Qingcheng became a key figure in the contest between the two.

Dear Enemy Cast


Gao Ye as Luo Man
Michelle Chen as Chen Kaixi
Wan Peng as Zhong Qingcheng
Lu Dong Xu as Fang Chi


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